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Protein is abundant in pulses. People who do not consume seafood, meat, or dairy products can benefit from dals. Non vegetarians can also choose pulses as a healthy alternative. For more texture and flavor, pulses can be added to several dishes.
Indian Spices have a vital role in all Indian kitchens, which zest the cuisines with favors and colors. These are used to enhance flavor as well as zest to all the dishes.
Dry Fruits
There are many dry fruits that a person can and should include in their daily diet. Almonds is one of the most beneficial fibre and antioxidant rich dry fruits that has zero cholesterol and is good for skin, hair and overall health. The range also includes cashews, walnuts and many other.
A breakfast dish in India called sabudana can be made in varieties of ways. It is essential to soak sabudana also called sago pearls before making any dish. It can be made into savoury as well as sweet dish.
Milling wheat is one of the whole grains highly demanded and consumed in India. People do not feel that their meal is complete without chapatis made from wheat flour. We supply whole grain, which can be milled into flour.
Naya Sansar is a brand to trust when buying white sugar. The premium quality, 100% pure sugar made from sugarcane has no artificial colour or flavour. It comes in a pack size of 1 kg. 

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